Handmade Genuine Cowhide Leather Wallet inspired by "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" Movie

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Stay in It, Right Here

Three years ago, my running into a movie—

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty reached my inner world, inspiring me to design a new product. 

Deeply impressed by Walter’s wallet, as well as the plot, I’d like to share the motto inside his wallet



Handmade goods. Top-quality Leather. Best Gift    

Material:100% genuine leather (superior cowhide leather) 


Inside Structure:One Coin Pocket.Two card holder.One Note compartment.  




Every person has dream, but not every dream will come true.

Most of us are Walter, hide it inside and immerse in illusions. 

It’s common for a middle-aged man to fantasize in plain life, being a superhero or a world traveler.

Helicoptered by a drunk, had a shark fight, climbed the Himalaya etc.  


The journey seemed to change him. ButWalter is still walter.

Stopping dreaming and starting living,

finally he went back to family, fell in love with lover and accompanied with friends.

Just as Sean said: Stay in it, right here. 



At last, I suddenly recognized that I am, as Walter is, a dreamer,

The same commuter as him, go to work, then go home, forgetting my dream;

Just like him, start a crazy excited journey, leaving the hustle world behind;

Just like him, go on a field trip even if in rags;

Eventually like him, end the crazy journey to go back to normal life.


To be an idealist, yearn for future, long for freedom.

That’s what we always expect.But maybe there are no such thing. 

No idealist, no realist. We are hard-working staffs, happy adventurers.



No matter in the hustle city or in the quiet town; no matter be a realist or an idealist,

what we should do is to make every moment count,

to find each other and to feel. Stay in it, right here.


Movie Screenshots
However, people seems to forget their innosence.
They forgot the joy when they press the shutter,
forgot the achievablity when they lay awoke all night for their dream,
and they forgot the word they written down: to experience the wonderful world,
to meet different people, to record beauty, and to express true feelings. 

Being an ordinary person with extraordinary life.

Pick up your dream as well as courage, life is so much better than you believe.


Beautiful things do not ask for attention, so we just show ingenuity and originality.








Small size, easily carrying within your pockets.